You will receive 2 rounds of revisions. Revisions include changing your name, color, position of the text, etc. Keep in mind that since it is a pre-made design, you are not allowed to request drastic changes to the design. If you want drastic and custom design changes, you will be billed an additional $150 for a custom design change request.
You will receive a preview of your logo selections within 2-3 days. The timeframe from begin to end varies depending on when you select your final logo choice as well as the amount of reivisons you request. If you want a preview 24 hours after you place your order, be sure to select “expedited preview” at checkout. There will be an additional fee of $50 for expedited previews.

Of course! We will send a form to collect your business name, optional tagline, and color palette selection. Under “color palette selection”, select “open to ideas” so we know that we get to choose for you.

You will receive a folder that includes your logo design and other files. We will provide the following file formats:

  • .png
  • .pjg
  • .pdf
  • .eps
  • .ai
  • .eps
  • .svg

You can request a refund if you have not submitted your questionnaire. (The questionnaire is the form we send to collect your business name, optional tagline, and color palette selection).

We will store your final logo folder in our system for 6 months. Contact us if you ever need us to resend it.

Yes! You get a website design if you select “Pre-Made Brand Package with a website design” during your inquiry. Your website package includes all branding elements in the original package as well as:

  • Domain (1 year – to be renewed annually)
  • 10 pages maximum website (additional fee for more pages)
  • E-Commerce feature option

A consultation will be scheduled to discuss the website details. There will be additional fees if you request extra features and/or additional pages. 

In simple terms, copywriting is the wordings for your marketing. The content you use for your social media, website, etc. Let us do the hard work of creating attention-grabbing content based on your business while you focus on other important things.

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